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Sky Dragon International an entertainment and fitness information company has acquired the DVD motion picture rights to three movies.

Festival of Integrated Martial Arts
The Sky Dragon International - Festival of Integrated Martial Arts
August 10, 11, and 12, 2012
     Leo Fong and his senior student Adam James shared the aspects of Wei Kuen Do: the Psycho Dynamic Art of Free Fighting - Leo Fong's martial arts system founded in 1976. Integrating Boxing, Kung Fu, Filipino martial arts and Jeet Kuen Do, the martial art of Leo Fong's close friend and training partner Bruce Lee. Taking JKD Principles and martial arts to a new level. Chi Fung: Total Health Training System - Combines Tai Chi/Chi Gung Principles with Weight Training and Deep Breathing. And Modern Escrima: the Integrated Filipino martial arts System - Incorporating the teachings of Remy Presas (Modern Arnis), Angel Cabales (Serrada Escrima), and Leo Fong (Wei Kuen Do).

Now in Pre-Production
CHI FUNG MASTER” a Spiritual Martial Arts Master, impart his wisdom on a young MMA fighter to make him a winner. Stunt fighters, villains and other actors are needed. Contact Leo Fong if you are interested.  (818) 884-7337

THE KUNG FU ZOMBIE” is the second episode of the series, former Karate Champion Chucky Currie will be the Kung Fu Zombie. Stunt People and Actors are needed.
If you have a headshot 8X10 send it to:
Sky Dragon Productions Int'l
New address to be announced

THE MUTE EXECUTIONER’ is the third episode of the ‘EAST OF WEST’ series. It will star Linda Bustamante, as the Mute Executioner.  Actors, stunt people and technicians are needed for each project. This is a great opportunity to increase your profile as an actor or technician.

BLACK BELT ANGELS” is now in development for filming in January 2012. It will star three young martial arts ladies who have developed a sense of justice in the world in which they live. So they have dedicated their martial arts skills to combat crime and injustices. Each will exhibit great martial arts skills in kung fu, MMA and Savate.

     Kill Factor is a story of a serial killer who stalks and kills women. Each death has the same MO, death by choking and a broken neck. The local Police Chief, played by Mel Novak, decided to bring in a member of London’s Scotland Yard to help with the investigation. Sean Kane, played by London based “Kicking Sensational” Gary Wasniewski . In his investigation Kane discovered evidence that a local MMA champion and community leader a person of interest. The leads, led him to Dan “The Beast” Howard, played by former UFC MMA star Dan Sevren. After series of investigation and evidence that confirm Howard is living a double life, Kane proceed to arrest Howard but did not find a willing suspect. A fight ensued and Kane’s kicking skill eventually prevailed. Kill Factor is written and directed by Leo Fong. Produced by Adam James.

     Thunderkick is the story of a religious cult group led by Mel Novak who profit from the illegal organ trade. His follows kidnapped homeless people and murder them for their organs which is sold on the Asian black market. The cover is blown when Sean Kane, played by Gary Wasniewski came to the camp looking for his Kung Fu instructor, Sifu Wong, played by Leo Fong. Sifu Wong was held captive when the group discovered he was an undercover FBI agent disguised as the cult camp cook. Eventually Kane was captured he fought his way out of captivity and release Sifu Wong. The FBI was alerted and the entire camp and its followers were arrested. Thunderkick stars Mel Novak, Gary Wasniewski, Michelle Krasnoos, Leo Fong, Adam James, Barry Bostain. It was produced and written by Leo Fong. Directed by Ron Phoenel. It is now available for purchase.

United International comics
Click Comic to Read

     Sky Dragon International has licensed Comic Book Artist Johnny B to pen several comics to be turned into major movies. The first is FIST OF FONG based on the life of Leo Fong, who emigrated from China and settled in Arkansas. His journey as a martial artists, writer, filmmaker, minister and fitness expert took many twist and turns. In Fist of Fong the comic series to pen by Johnny B will chronicle his 80 plus year journey.





     The goal of Sky Dragon Entertainment Corporation is to produce movies that will feature the various styles of martial arts and the spiritual dimension. We feel that Martial Arts is more than fighting. It is a vehicle for self-development and personal empowerment.

If you are a martial artist and interested in stunt work, please send your resume, address, phone number, email and a photo to:

Sky Dragon Entertainment Corporation
Attention: Adam James
P.O. Box 7
Woodland Hills, CA 91365-0007

     Anyone who has stars in their eyes and wants to become a movie star will know how difficult it is to break into show biz. It is equally difficult when you do not have an impressive resume. Sky Dragon Entertainment is now offering packing service to aspiring actors.

The package includes:
A video reel of you in action

     This is a great opportunity to develop a personal video reel of your different range of acting. When completed, Sky Dragon Entertainment will help you to get the information into the hands of influential casting directors and production companies.
For Information send inquires to:

Sky Dragon Entertainment
P.O. Box 7
Woodland Hills, California 91365-0007

For more information on BREAKING INTO HOLLYWOOD and The FILM INDUSTRY, send for the booklet:

Turning Your Dreams into Stars

Send $5.00 for Postage & Handling to:

Koinonia Productions
P.O. Box 7
Woodland Hills, California 91365-0007

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